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NORDLIV has three big eco luxury tents with each 4 2-persons cabins. It is possible to get free Wifi acces. Each cabin has comfortable mattresses, blankets and pillows. It is also possible to charge your devices.

NORDLIV Glamping tents suits for those, who wants a unique experience at Bornholm. In our camp, You can fall a sleep to the sound of the sea and wake up the the sound of the birds. 

From the tents, you have acces to our outdoor kitchen and outdoor shower.
 If You want more comfortable facilities, please feel free to use our indoor bath-, toilet- and kitchenfacilities.

Phone: +45 20618100 E-mail:

Nordliv safari
Safari telt
Charming outdoor kitchen
2 personers kabiner
Sunset Bornholm
Nice details
Charge devices
Great terrace
Matresses, pillows and blankets
Glamping Bornholm
View to Hasle Smokery
Safari camp
God udluftning
Fine detaljer
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